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    Find news and information relative to the Manufactured Homes and Relocatable Homes Industry and other news for the buying and selling of a home in a Residential Village.

    Fair Trading - 2013 Residential Parks Living Booklet

    Residential parks include caravan parks, manufactured home estates and establishments often called ‘mobile home villages’ or ‘relocatable home parks’. Many people choose to live as permanent residents in residential parks and there are specific laws that relate to these unique tenancies. This link will help explain your rights as a resident in a Residential Village / Park. More Info...

    Protected by the Law

    People who live in a residential park (a caravan park, mobile home village or manufactured home estate) as their principal place of residence have protection by law. This applies whether you occupy your own moveable dwelling and just rent the site or you rent a park–owned dwelling. While the laws apply differently depending on whether you own your dwelling or rent it, it is a very serious offence for a park owner or manager to wrongly evict you from your home. Like any other tenancy arrangement, there is no guarantee that any park resident can stay in their park indefinitely. But there are very strict procedures for park owners to follow if they want to bring your tenancy to an end. They must give you a proper written notice of termination, and in cases where you own your home, give you a reason for wanting possession.

    25th June 2012

    - CCIA NSW Appoints New CEO

    The Caravan and Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW has appointed leading industry figure, Ms. Lyndel Gray as its new CEO. CCIA President, Theo Whitmont said Ms Gray’s outstanding industry experience, and proven track record of building industry capacity, was what inspired the organisation to engage her for this strategic leadership role. More info ... More Info...