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    Welcome to Australia's Residential Village and Home Parks 'homes for sale' website.

    ResidentialVillages.com is pleased to announce the introduction of the Residential Village Directory which has been built by Australians for the Australian market. ResidentialVillages.com has completed the framework for the directory and together with Search Engine rankings has set the platform for the most comprehensive Residential Village Directory in Australia. With 100,000 users visiting our website in the past 12 months its little wonder why we are ranked Number 1. Use of Stealth SEO technology and professional website software has consistently positioned ResidentialVillages.com as #1 search engine result in Google, Bing and Yahoo over the past few years.

    We are owned and managed by Advertise Online Pty Ltd who is experienced in online marketing and advertising and also online and offline residential property marketing.

    Categories here include the Australian Village Directory, Manufactured Homes for Sale classifieds, Manufactured 'Home Builders' Directory, Manufactured 'Home Maintenance' services and a 'Professional Services' Directory' for legal, financial and other professional services within the industry.

    Why live in a Manufactured Home Village?

    Most visitors to our site are looking to either sell their home in a village or invest in a village lifestyle. This gives potential residents the opportunity to downsize and cash up. Purchasing a lifestyle in a Residential Village tackles demanding issues like health, security, finance, loneliness and the downsizing of the large family home.

    If you are on an aged pension, like many other residents, you may qualify for a Rental Assistance available through Centrelink which could reduce the Park site fees substantially. The reason this is available to you is because you own the home outright, capitalising on asset growth, while you rent the land. It makes good financial sense. Be aware though that site fees will normally increase annually.

    This new lifestyle can considerably improve a new residents quality of life and cash themselves up as they enter their golden years of retirement.

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